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Am I eligible for Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization replacement?

If you are a U.S. citizen, you may be eligible to apply for a new Certificate of Citizenship or Certificate of Naturalization. There are several stipulations concerning who is considered eligible for their certificate replacement.

Only two categories of U.S. citizens may apply for a certificate replacement. The first category is immigrants who were born to U.S. citizens in some other country. Such immigrants often need to apply for Certificate of Citizenship. Thus, they can also apply for certificate replacement.

The second category of U.S. citizens who may apply for certificate replacement are naturalized citizens. Because their Certificate of Naturalization is the main document that proves their citizenship and nationality, they may need to get a certificate replacement if their name or date are incorrectly printed on the certificate, or for other reasons.

Note that if you were born in the U.S., you cannot request a Certificate of Citizenship in the first place. And, therefore, you cannot apply for certificate replacement as well. Because you are already a U.S. citizen, you do not need the certificate.

There are also several other requirements that applicants must meet before they apply for certificate replacement.

Here are the main requirements:

  • Your personal data has changed after you received your certificate.

For instance, if you have married, divorced, annulled your marriage, changed your gender, or the official date of birth, you will need a new certificate with actual data.

  • Your personal data was incorrectly imprinted on the certificate.

Sometimes there are mistakes made by USCIS when they issue your certificate, such as your name was misspelt, or the date of birth was incorrect. You should ask USCIS to fix the error and issue a corrected certificate in your name.

  • You want to receive a special certificate for a foreign country.
  • Your certificate was damaged, lost, or stolen.

We should also inform you that without supporting documents your request for certificate replacement will be denied. You must provide at least one supporting document to USCIS so your application will be accepted. USCIS will, however, notify you if there are any issues with your application.

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Form N-565.

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