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How do I correctly fill out the Form N-565?

USCIS gives several instructions concerning how Form N-565 applicants must complete their applications for certificate replacement. Here are the main rules that you need to follow:

  • Use only black ink when completing the form.
  • Mention all the data that is requested by the form.

Sometimes the applicant may run out of space on the form. In this case, they can use an additional sheet of paper. You need to mention your full name, Alien Registration Number, and the field and section of the form to which your answer refers.

  • Leave a handwritten signature on the form.

It is prohibited to stamp or type your name instead of a signature. If you are under 14 years, your parent or a legal guardian can leave a signature for you. But if you file your application online via your USCIS account, you will need an electronic signature.

  • Do not leave any fields blank on the form if the data is explicitly required.

You can write N/A, not available, into the fields you do not have answer for. For example, when you lost your Certificate of Naturalization, you may not have the certificate number. Therefore, you can write N/A into the field where the certificate number is required.

In case the form requires a number, but the only number you can provide is 0 (for example, when you need to tell how many children you have), simply write None into the field, and not 0.

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